MARCH 2011    

     The first regular season for the Redlands Youth Fytt Basketball League has come to a close, and us here at TriFytt Sports and the Fytt League wanted to take this chance to commend the players, coaches, volunteers, parents, and fans for doing such a great job of supporting the league.  With the playoffs coming up, we wanted to thank everyone involved for an outstanding effort as exemplary examples of sportsmanship, integrity, and high moral character.

    All of the participants have worked hard to define just what a Fytt Athlete is all about: teamwork, determination, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.  Most importantly, our young athletes have been upstanding models of respect and decency both on and off the basketball court.

     All of us here are very proud of everyone’s time and support throughout the regular season, and we dually hope and expect to see this continue through the playoffs. 

     Good luck to all the teams as we prepare to crown the first Redlands Fytt League Champions!

-Jonathan Brostoff
Fytt League Director



     In its first year of existence, the Fytt League has some lofty goals to meet, but we here believe that setting the bar high and our expectations higher only leads to better and more fulfilling results.   All of us involved behind the scenes of the Fytt League share the same common goal: to provide a safe and fun environment for children to grow into well-rounded next generation athletes.  But what does this mean, exactly?

    We want all who participate in our league to discover that sports aren’t just about the final score, but the adventure of the game.  The intangibles that don’t show up in the box score are what make Fytt League athletes unique, and will help carry our young participants through life on the shoulders of integrity that makes a great competitor.

    We encourage the development of such attributes as respect, honor, determination, and a bold heart to drive our athletes through competition, with the hope that embracing these traits will make them strong in spirit, strong in mind, and strong in body.  Wins and losses only measure up to so much, but the lessons learned on the field of competition will tote up to a Fytt athlete for a lifetime. 

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